Have fun!


During the summer holidays, from 19 July - 16 August 2024 there is a complete entertainment programme for children up to 12 years of age at the park. You will receive the full programme on arrival at the park.

The activities consist of: 
Crafts, ball games, hide-and-seek, fashion show, children's theatre, football and other ball games, dancing, bingo, treasure hunt, karaoke and so on.

Fun at the park
In front of the reception you will find a nice playground for the children, around the park you will find a few more. There is enough space to play football, table tennis, badminton,... 

At the receptiondesk
At the reception we have quite a large stock of children's games which you can borrow for free. Off course we expect that you will bring them back to us.

Bas & Hazel Walking route
Exploration tour for children. Bas & Hazel are the foresters of Buitenplaats Gerner. These smart squirrels have set out a track in the woods next to the park where you can discover new things and learn fun facts about nature.

Klootschieten traditional dutch game
Play this game together with the whole family. The goal is to finish the course of 3 km in as little throws as you can.

You can rent a ‘klootzak’ with two wooden ‘kloten’ (wooden balls), a klootschietroute and a rake at the reception of our park for € 5,00. The course takes you through forest paths and quiet roads, making you acquainted with the close surroundings of the park at the same time you’re playing the game.