The area is also excellent for hiking! Whether you would like to wander around the woods for hours and hours or just want to go for some fresh air, it is all possible.

From the park you can walk right into the forest. The route is available at the reception. For the children we have laid out an educational, exploration track with Bas & Hazel, the squirrel foresters of Buitenplaats Gerner.

Moreover, the woods of the Den Aalshorst-, De Horte- and Castle Rechteren estates serve as a great place for a walk. A visit to the Lemelerberg is also worthwhile. Different routes varying in length are set out throughout the vast heather and meadow views.

Starting fall 2011 a walking-track will reach Dalfsen and Ommen. You can then use a hiking map to create your own route. Short and longer walks across the most beautiful paths of the Vechtdal are available. For the hiking enthusiasts it is possible to take a trip to Hardenberg where the walking-track is finished. We wish you a pleasant walk! For more information: